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The Cost of Website Directories

There are plenty of website directories to serve different functions. Some of them will offer a free listing for your website while others may charge certain fees. The free ones may pose certain charges if you want extra features. Extra features for your business include a powerful call to action, a website link, inclusion of photos and videos, and removing ads from your listing.

Does Anyone Read the Directories?

This question is interesting especially because a lot of people think that website directories are no longer important. You can still scan the biggest directories if you want to find out online activities. Industry professional read niche directories to stay at par with industry trends. They scan new listings in search of interesting links, content, and sites. The content is available with a link back to your website. It helps to improve your search engine optimization.

How can I Detect a Good Directory?

If you are looking for a good web directory, there are a few things to consider. Ensure that it has positive reviews from search engine optimization experts. If you are not sure, you can ask an expert for their opinions. A directory that accepts your blog upon request without doing a review is probably not right. Most reputable directories allow sites that meet certain standards. If possible, find one that focuses on a specific topic. If they charge extra fees, they should provide you with a credible explanation for it. They should update their listings often.

Why Does Google Penalize Some Web Directories?

Google penalizes some low-quality directories for the following reasons;

General Subject Matter

Even though being general in the subject is not necessarily a bad thing, it is a major sign that a web directory is manipulative. Some directories that offer general subject are reputable. They include; Yahoo! and DMOZ. However, it is wise to be careful when dealing with them. Some of them accept all types of websites including low-quality and spammy ones. If a website lets everyone in, it is certainly not right. Google can penalize it.

Promoting Search Engine Link Value

A directory should promote traffic. They may advertise themselves with such phrases as ‘ranked highly’ and ‘search engine optimized.’ Such directories are selling links and not listings.

Stuffing Links and Content

Some directories will use too many links and content awkwardly in an effort to look natural. They may add links to reputable resource websites including educational and government sites. You may not be able to recognize these websites unless you compare them with directories that are actually natural. You need to pay attention when choosing a directory to notice such issues.