Website Directories

A website directory is a website which contains listings of links from all around the web. These websites help surfers to find the best links from specific categories. If, for example, the name of a category is ‘Home and Garden,’ it will have links about home improvement and gardening. Categories are further divided into sub-categories to make the search easier.

Web directories are important for search engine optimization. In the past, people relied greatly on web directories. Even though a lot of people no longer think it is important, web directories are definitely worth your time and money. Yahoo, for example, used web directories when it first got into the market. Search engines were not yet popular at that time. DMOZ is one of the major web directories that people used to find websites. Web directories will not provide users with too much information about a website. They only provide a link and a brief description. People review different sites and place them into categories.

Web directories go a long way in increasing the popularity of links. They help in search engine raking. Inbound, one-way links are the best links for building popularity. Web directories are a source of these links. It is wise to get listed in quality directories that have been in place for a long time. Smaller and newer directories may not be very beneficial in increasing your link popularity. Higher quality directories include DMOZ, Umdum, Yahoo Directory, and Gimpsy.

Each one of the web directories has different processes for getting your link listed. Some directories are free, but others impose a fee. Others will offer a mixture of paid and free listing. If the web directory imposes a fee, your link will be added in a week or less. You can be sure that it will be added. If, however, the directory does not charge you a fee, there is no guarantee that they will add your link. If they do, it may take a few weeks to several months.

Misconceptions About Web Directories

One of the biggest misconceptions is that directory links are not important anymore. Even though web directories have lost their value compared to earlier days, they are still important. Many sites still use web directories for their linking strategies. You should use them as one of your linking strategies and not as the only one.

Another misconception is that directory links can only be temporary. Directories provide users with permanent links that can last as long as the directory does. If, however, the website directory scripts run an automated check on their listings and find that a site does not exist anymore, they may drop the listing.

Most people think that it is useless to submit to directories which look similar to each other. That is not true. Even though several directories may have similar layouts, are valued independently. Directories may use the same template, but that does not mean that they are similar. Even directories that are in the same categories and have a similar look may contain different listings and guidelines. Your website submission may be rejected in one and accepted in the next.